PAINK - Passion & Persistence

Paink the artist wearing stitch untitled clothing in Melbourne

From Melbourne to Perth and Back

Paink, originally from Melbourne, ventured to Perth to kickstart a career in graphic design. After some time, the allure of home called him back, where he embarked on a new journey—painting full-time and establishing his own business. Currently, he’s working on a series of murals for a unique donut shop called Gotham Donuts in Moonee Ponds, a project that, while different from his usual style, he’s thoroughly enjoying.

The Birth of "Paink"

Paink’s business name has an interesting origin. Initially a side hustle to sell his artwork, it evolved when a client persuaded him to paint a mural. “It was a full circle moment,” Paink reflects, as he transitioned from graphic design to fully embracing his identity as an artist.

A Unique Style: Abstract Realism

Describing his style as abstract realism, Paink has a particular affinity for female portraiture and beauty. His journey into art began with abstract works, driven by a lack of patience for detailed portraiture. However, as his skills and patience grew, so did his desire to incorporate more detail and design into his pieces. Early on, he enjoyed embedding hidden messages, diagrams, and words within his work, building layers and textures that added depth to his art.

Overcoming Struggles

Like any artist, Paink faced numerous challenges. From moments of self-doubt to financial struggles, he often questioned his path. But with the unwavering support of friends and family, he persevered. Initially, graphic design provided a stable income, but his heart was always in painting, a passion that eventually took precedence.

The Joy of Painting

For Paink, painting isn’t work; it’s where he feels most at home. “I feel like I’m in my element when I paint,” he says, emphasizing the joy and ease it brings him. Spreading positivity through his art is a significant motivator, aiming to counterbalance the negativity in the world with his use of color and beauty.

Crafting a Unique Style

To aspiring artists, Paink advises focusing on developing a unique style. While inspiration from others is natural, creating something distinct is crucial. “No one wants to see an artist doing exactly the same as another,” he notes, encouraging originality and personal expression.

Proudest Achievement

When asked about his proudest achievement, Paink doesn’t hesitate. “Definitely my son, my biggest magical piece of art,” he says, the joy evident in his voice. This personal milestone has fueled his motivation to continue creating and exploring new artistic avenues.

Not for the Faint Hearted

Paink resonates deeply with the slogan, “Not for the faint hearted.” For him, it embodies the relentless pursuit of dreams, never giving up despite the struggles. It’s a mantra that has guided him through tough times and remains a cornerstone of his philosophy.

Paink’s journey from a graphic designer in Perth to a full-time artist in Melbourne is a story of passion, persistence, and personal growth. His unique style, dedication to his craft, and ability to overcome challenges make him an inspiring figure in the art world. Whether you're an artist yourself or simply an admirer of creativity, Paink’s story is a beautiful reminder of the power of following your passion and staying true to yourself.