HOLLY BAILEY - Play like a girl

Holly Bailey sitting on chair in stitch untitled interview
Holly Bailey's Journey with Play Like A Girl In the heart of Hoop City, an insightful conversation unfolded with Holly Bailey, the visionary founder of Play Like A Girl. The journey of Play Like A Girl began in 2016, born out of Bailey's desire to create a more inclusive approach to sports that embraces femininity, creativity, and self-expression alongside athleticism. Bailey's inspiration stemmed from her personal experiences growing up in a predominantly male sports environment.
She recognised early on that traditional sports approaches may not resonate with everyone, particularly girls. It became evident that sports could offer more than physical strength alone; it could be a platform for building mental resilience, teamwork, and leadership skills. Participants in the Play Like A Girl program embark on a structured five-week online course.
This course is meticulously designed by Bailey to empower young athletes through self-assessment, goal-setting, teamwork dynamics, and leadership development. Beyond skills development, the program fosters a supportive community where girls can grow both personally and athletically.
One standout story from the program is a young footballer named Harriet Coder. Harriet initially struggled with confidence and mindset issues but, through Bailey's program, underwent a transformative journey that not only enhanced her skills but also bolstered her self-belief.
Her story underscores the profound impact of Play Like A Girl in nurturing personal growth and empowering young women. Looking forward, Bailey's vision for Play Like A Girl is ambitious yet clear. In the next five years, she aims to see program graduates assuming leadership roles within sports organizations, influencing policies, and inspiring future generations.
This vision hinges on partnerships with organizations, schools, and corporate sponsors who share a commitment to creating inclusive environments for girls in sports and leadership. Bailey's commitment to Play Like A Girl is driven by a passion for challenging stereotypes and empowering girls to embrace their strengths, both on and off the field.
Every success story from the program reinforces Bailey's belief that diversity in sports brings innovation and positive change. Play Like A Girl, under the leadership of Holly Bailey, stands as a beacon of empowerment in the realm of sports and leadership development.
Bailey's dedication and the impact of her programs serve as a testament to the transformative power of inclusive and supportive sports environments for girls everywhere.